Issue in implementing Loading Progress Bar

We are loading data into power table by calling a function through runScript. When data is large in size, it takes time for loading the data. We were trying to implement loading progress bar till the time data loads into the table.

We mapped the progress bar in a pop up window and called it in the script, but it is not working.

We tried the below solution found on ignition forum but that also not working.

Can someone help us on this issue ?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Vision or Perspective?


Can you show your code/your bindings? The steps in the picture you attached seem to make sense.

Also I donโ€™t know why youโ€™d want this in another popup window, that is just another window you will have to then make a trigger to close when the data is loaded. Not a big deal, but as a personal preference I tend to put put the loading bar on the window of the loading data, and bind visibility to propertiesLoading as the picture suggested.

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