HSL vs RGB - who would win? (it's obvious really :))

or human readable HSL. RGB/HEX are horrid creatures only readable by machine, for the most part (tell me what colour #F68C5A is without plugging it into something. Now tell me what colour hsl(65, 80%, 60%) is, knowing that main colours are 60deg apart R Y G C B M)

Halfway down under the heading “HSL is meant to be More Human Understandable!”, although I disagree with some of the things said in this article, like “use whatever you’re used to”. No, use what is best!

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#F68C5A = 15x16+6 (or 255-9) R 8x16+12 G 5x16+10 B = 246R,+ 140G + 90B = something light orange i guess.
I honestly never have heard of hsl before i saw you mention it in a post somewhere else xd
And ive been a web dev a while xd guess thats why im used to hex xd

You’ve never used this?

Apart from the palette in this popup, HSL is all I use here and anywhere I have colours. The less mental load I have, the more I can put that to good use elsewhere, especially when it comes to reducing saturation/lightness of a colour.
Of course, this colour tool spits out HEX which is annoying…

Nope ive not used it ever.
guess im just so used to rgb/hex from my webdev years. I can see the value of it for lightness, but i find it harder to think of the right base color in hsl idk. guess the more options people can use the beter :stuck_out_tongue:
hex is gonna be more performant tho, not that its gonna make any noticable difference xD

I guess I still drive a manual (stick shift?) car and will (hopefully) never have to drive an auto! Everyone has their cruxes, even if they’re clearly wrong :laughing:

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isnt hsl the newer thing? so you are in the auto car xd (i dont drive any cars tho lol)


I don't support Internet Explorer, let alone older versions of it :joy:
Consistency is one thing, but if Ignition was consistent (meaning just banging on with the same old from yesteryear), we wouldn't have Perspective.


I was more trying to point to the bold and big leters saying use what ever you want xD
But yeah no need to support IE xd

heh i never knew, seems google uses the hsl bar. Maybe ive used it before than after just never noticed

it just has a copy for the hex tho so… it all turns back to hex :stuck_out_tongue:

And here I was thinking Google was paving the way of the future :frowning: I’m impressed you spelt ‘colour’ right though. I’m probably saying that on the wrong forum though… haha

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english is my third language. I also have (a little) dyslexia, and color is spelt like that in either us or uk idk xD i never really cared about spelling, i make tons of typos. heck i need to reread my own name 3 times just to be sure i wrote it right xD

‘Color’ is US, ‘Colour’ is everywhere else. I’m from everywhere else!

Ahhh welh color is shorter xD im from everywhere else too tho, i should have learned ‘uk’ english in school tho, but i never scored good on spelling tests so who knows xD

US perfected English. :grin:

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welh not really… there is Soccer xD

I was today years old when I learned there are different spellings for ‘Color’. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I take “Soccer” to be the gold standard for the perfection of English.

Learn something new every day…doesn’t look like the US can even take credit (or blame!?) for “Soccer”: What's the Origin of the American Word 'Soccer'? Blame England | Time :sweat_smile:

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I moved this…valuable discussion to a new topic :slight_smile:

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Oh, I find combination of Red, Green, and Blue to be perfectly intuitive and predictable and unambiguously relatable to real colors. Hue, Saturation, and Value: not so much.

Hue, in particular, has an entirely arbitrary basis–why was red assigned to 0° with positive rotation toward green? What physical basis is there for such color favoritism? I prefer green over red, so HSL is fundamentally flawed until everyone agrees to place green at 0°.



Just a theory. It looks like it goes 0° = Red, 120° = Green, 240° = Blue
That also follows the “Standard” of RGB in Hex colors… Correlation?