I can 't connect the database to ignition

I am using the demo version to validate the communication of a new PLC with this SCADA software. But I am having trouble connecting a database to Ignition that stores historical data from a PLC. I have followed all the instructions in the manual at this link:


But I have not been successful. Constantly the status of the connection is trying to connect but it always ends in error and displays the following error message:

Cannot create PoolableConnectionFactory (Failed to make TCP / IP connection to host localhost, port 1433. Error:
"Connection timed out: no more information … Check connection properties, check
that there is an instance of SQL Server running on the host and accepting TCP / IP connections on the port and check that it is not
There is no firewall blocking TCP connections on the port. ".)

I hope someone can support me.


hope this helps!

I had the same problem for a while and then I fixed it based on these links. I also created a new login user for only that database so that I can use it with Ignition only (I put the link below).
If you did everything that the manual said, my recommendation is to create a new login.


Matrix_ Engineering.

Thanks for your support.!

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Thanks for your support.
I fix my problem creating a new loggin to connect Ignition.


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Awsome! Glad you could fix it :slight_smile: