I can't click and entry value on my textFiled popup

Not able to click/touch some items on popups. When I test it inside the designer it works fine, but in Chrome. Sommene can explain to me why I have this is happended?

I presume that you mean, “when I click certain components the onClick event is not fired” or something like that. Your question is way too vague to be answered. You need to supply a lot more detail. What components? What code? Screenshot?

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Hello, thank you for your Answer. I have a popup

it was impossible to write in the EVENT NAME & EVENTS NOTES field. I couldn’t click in the text boxes. But now I can write. I do not know what happened. I think there was a bug somewhere.

Was the popup partially off-screen? What version are you using?

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I’am using ignition 812. yes I think popup partially off-screen.

dont make the popup go offscreen
you should have a property to set the popup to viewport bound

This is a well-documented issue which has been at least partially resolved in newer versions. In 8.1.3, we made it so that you can prevent the Popup from opening outside the viewport at all, or even being dragged out of the viewport after it’s been opened. In 8.1.17 we made further changes so that inputs will still operate even when the Popup is off the viewport, but those same input components may no longer be used for dragging the Popup under such conditions.