I can't see users roles on the projet properties

I add user and add roles on my gateways
but I can’t see roles and user on the projet properties.

my configuration on the gateway

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In the gateway web interface, under Security => Security Levels, you set up the various options your Perspective projects will have. You must add roles to this section before you can use them in your project.


This is mentioned on the top of this page of the manual:


Probably needs a better explanation. /:

Not showing roles in security levels is intentional. You must create them manually and match them with roles of any user source. This happens because users authenticates against an IdP which contains roles but those roles are unknown before authentication hence no security level could be assigned nor listed for that request.

Security level is a global resource per server that many federated IdP can utilize, so thinking in a auto generated list of roles is difficult idea to conceive.