[IGN-1240] Gateway Project List Sort Order with Multiple Pages

Version: 8.1.7 (b2021060314)
Not a huge deal here, but still quite annoying, and very misleading.

When the projects listed in the Gateway number more than the default number for page 1 (20), even though the sort order is on ‘Name’, it will take random projects from wherever in the list and put them on page 2.
When you change the number per page to something larger (50) it sorts them properly, but if you change it back to 20, it again picks the same projects and puts them on page 2.
It seems random, but it’s always the same projects that get put on page 2, and I cannot see any correlation as to why. It’s not the Description, or Parent Project, or anything else that’s visible.
I would expect only the LAST projects (whatever is over 20 in the list) to get put on page 2.

Thanks, I think this was reported here also.

We’ve got an issue for it.