[IGN-2416] 8.1.4-RC1 Can't change parent data type of non-nested UDT instance

I’m trying to change the parent UDT type of a whole bunch of UDT instances, however I can no longer do this. I know there was a change that was going in at some stage that was going to stop nested UDT instances within a base UDT definition from being changed (makes sense), but this change is affecting the base level as well.
Error is:
Bad_Unsupported("Cannot change typeId of inherited tag

These tank instances below are instantiated within the Tanks folder, and their parent data type is greyed out :frowning: Brings me back to 7.9 days when the parent data type was disabled in the tag editor but you could still export tags, change it in xml and then re-import to overwrite it. However in this recent change in 8.1.4, I can’t even do that… I have to delete the tags first and re-import

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When will this be fixed? It is super annoying if you need to change UDT Parent Data Types. Still not fixed in 8.1.5

Bugger, I hoped it would have been :frowning:

Looking at the forum post regarding the original issue, it looks like what you are seeing is expected.

I’ll go ahead and write up a new issue to fix this since it sounds like a lot of our reasoning behind the change was focused on nested instances. Regarding issues like this, while the forums have active IA employee presence it’s not officially a supported way to report bugs to us so there’s no guarantee anyone sees these posts.

I created a support case as well, but didn’t get any replies yet :confused:
Thanks for adding the bug :slight_smile:

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Any updates on this? Still super frustrating. Also super annoying that you can no longer import tags where the UDT instance doesn’t exist. Really slowing down my workflow :frowning:

For context: because I can’t change the UDT instance parent type, I thought i’d just copy the tag json, change the UDT parent type id to some bogus value (rather than having to find the UDT in tag browser, copy tag path), paste back in and then update the parent UDT type id in the tag browser using the drop down. But nope… Used to be able to.

The other thing while i’m here, is not being able to copy tags from jag json into a UDT definition :frowning: :frowning: It just comes up saying “can only import UDT definitions” or something