[IGN-244]There are no active Perspective sessions

On the gateway status webpage we are showing that there are many active perspective sessions, I know there are, as I am three of them!
When clicking through to the status page though I get this message:

Ignition 8.0.7
Is this a known bug? Sometimes it does let me see session details.

The next time you encounter this, could you direct message me the url of the Gateway page and the url of the Perspective Sessions? Does this happen every time you visit the Perspective Sessions page, or did this only happen one time? Do you have any sort of fancy network infrastructure in play?

We have not encountered this before, and we have tests which run nightly to verify that this page not only displays correct info about sessions, but that it accurately displays the correct number of sessions, so I’d really like to get some more information.

PM sent, thanks for helping!

This looks like it occurs if a session opened has a view opened where a component in that view is missing their meta.name property.

If possible you may want to try while only one session is opened and navigate your pages until you hit this issue. Then open the views on that page in a designer and see if there’s any components that do not have their meta.name property. On the project browser I noticed they may sometimes have a ? for a name, for components like that just give them a name. I also noticed they may sometimes have a generic name (ie. a button called “Button”), for components like this you can rename them to something else and rename them back if you want.

Interesting. We are not fans of generic names such as Button1, Button2 etc so all our meta.name properties are dynamically bound to the device name that they represent. Could this be the issue?

That very well looks like it could be. I’ll make a note of this in the internal ticket, but as a workaround what you can do is go to the name property of the components that are bound make sure they have some sort of default value, Right-click them, enable Persistent and save. That should fix it for the time being.

Enabling persistent does seem to have fixed this for us. Thanks.

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@osolorzano We have this same issue. How would I determine which Project has the issue when we have 62 different projects with possible perspective views? I see in the main display that there are 16 active open sessions but just as the initial bug we do not have a list to inspect.

Happened in 8.0.15

Sadly the error doesn’t really point to any project specifically so there isn’t an easy way to track down those components that might be in this state.
The bug itself is currently waiting to be worked on by one of our development teams so this no longer occurs and when that fix is implemented this post will be updated. Until then this will continue to occur unless you use the workaround I suggested above by enabling persistent on bound name properties.

By any chance do you know on which update this bug will be fixed?

Thank you.

There is no ETA as of this time.


I have the same problem on one of my views.
However, even though I enable the Persistent on the name properties of my 3 components, it does not change anything.

Both of these components are embedded views that display the same template.
The name of that component are binded.

I can’t catch this issue in a script by a system.perspective.getSessionInfo() == None because this function generate a java error.
How can I catch this java error ?

I’m having the same problem in 8.1.1.

I currently have active 64 active sessions on our production system, so while closing them all and opening one at a time on a weekend is possible, it is not very practical.

Is there any way to search for components with the unnamed condition described above?

In my case, I had to import the project on another local gateway in order to be able to display the views one by one and find the problematic ones.
This is the only “simple” way I found to identify them.

Is it possible to find missing meta name in view.json file is it that the tag “name” is not even there
“meta”: {}
or null / empty
“name”: null
“name”: “”

We have this same issue. Is there any word on when this might be resolved with an Ignition update?

The big issue at the moment is that it appears we have some sessions which are hitting CPU resources really hard on our gateway, and I’m having a terrible time identifying which session/page/view it is.

I’m not sure if the meta.name property is our issue, and we are having the same problem with no perspective sessions being listed on the status page.

We currently have 400+ views, and we have 53 open sessions, so it was going to be difficult to identify the exact component that was missing the meta.name property. To solve this, I copied our projects folder to a separate computer and created a script to go through every view.json file, extract the JSON and examine every name property that was missing a value. One of the items was a param on a view that is rarely opened, and the other 2 properties were name values for a series on an XY Chart. I corrected the two values for the chart, and we’re still having this issue.

So maybe it is the Persistent setting?

It’s not that either. I changed my script to look for any component with a Persistent value for meta.name set to “False”, and we don’t appear to have any. This means that all of our components appear to have a valid meta.name value and are set to Persistent.

I am having the same issue as everyone else in the chat. Any changes to timeline/priority for when this will be investigated?