[IGN-5771]Inherited Page Configuration and Session Properties

Views, scripts, queries, etc (basically everything you can see in the tree) has a mechanism for overriding that resource at the child level and then undoing that override and reinheriting from the parent project. However, when it comes to session properties and page configurations, as soon as you create a new one at the child level for either two things happen.

  1. Any new page config or property created at the parent is no longer inherited by the child
  2. There is no way in the designer to undo this ‘override’, you have to go into the file structure and delete the respective folder that was created in the child project to get any updates to either.

Is there a better way to sync up properties and pages at the child level within the designer? If not, is a way to keep these in sync or undo an override within the designer being developed?

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Thank you for the quick response!

Well that is unfortunate there isn’t a cleaner way to do it right now, but I am glad something is being developed.

We'll be looking forward to this fix. Which release is it slated to be fixed in? To do it manually via the file structure, where do the child session properties reside?


See this post for reference: Inherit Page Configurations

Appreciate it, thanks