Ignition 7.9.16 - gateway don´t start

I just recover ignition because server was infected, I installed V7.9.16 because it was running that version but gateway don´t start, Do you think it is related with jre version?



If it’s a clean install, you need to install Java yourself, which I guess you’ve done to get the installer going. However if you’ve installed the most recent version, it may be incompatible. Try and find one from that era such as 1.8.0_291-b10, and note the new commercial licensing aspects of Java:

I’ll try, thank you.

Doesn´t work yet, I had java 1.8.311 now I have 1.8.291.

Do you have more suggestions?

View the status of the web server and gateway in the gateway control utility, and get a thread dump there and upload here.

I have this: NET HELPMSG 3547