Ignition 8.1.23 Alarm Notification Profile to Grandstream HT813

Good Afternoon All,
Was using an older Grandstream HT503 rather than this HT813. The voice call issue didn't get resolved so I decided to upgrade the VOIP modem and start over. Possibly eliminating older firmware etc.
Today I followed the knowledge base article step by step for the Grandstream HT813. Still not getting the voice modem call out test to work. Could anyone verify the expected parameter in the following configuration... The article example did not show the gateway notification configuration "Advanced" section... Is this Ignition Gateway advanced SIP port number field supposed to match the SIP port number in the Grandstream HT813 "FXO" configured SIP port or be a different port? Assuming 5060 is correct.
Also is the advanced section "Authorization ID" field supposed to remain blank?
My logs show the "SENT" task by Ignition, but no "RECIEVED" replies from the Grandstream HT813. There lies the problem... But to fix this has been a challenge. For troubleshooting the Windows Server firewall was turned off. The firewall inbound and outbound ports 5000-5060 were allowed in 2 new rules. I have good dial tone, and have verified the modem sees a off hook with the hand set. Any advise would be appreciated. Thank you in advance

Hello Data,

Looks like you already have an open ticket with support for this issue, you may want to reach back out to the support engineer you have been working with to continue troubleshooting this issue. It looks like Ignition is sending a job to your Grandstream device but it is never being delivered seems like the next steps involve taking a Wireshark capture. I would also verify that users have valid numbers for the phone
line, as it will be dialed directly. It will usually include the long distance country code, and
should not include dashes. For example: 15551235432.

I've encountered the same issue. I went step by step but no call out.
Are you using the LAN or WAN on your HT-813?
Use Wireshark to see what udp.port == 5060 is providing.
When using the LAN port on the HT813 the device would not accept the SIP Request: INVITE , when I configured the HT813 to use the WAN port it provided a Status: 100 Trying,Status: 180 Ringing and Status: 200 OK (Invite) and called out.
Make sure you allow on the grandstream:
WAN side HTTP/Telnet access: YES
when using the WAN on the HT813 or you wont be able to configure further on the WAN port.

Your advise to use the WAN port resolved my issues. For any future IA forum member references to this posting, I also needed to set the Grandstream FXO Configuration TAB : "SIP Register Contact Header uses: WAN (not LAN)
I also did not see where any of the IA knowledge base tech note had clarified the following, so for other readers heres my tip:
On the Grandstream FXO Port Configuration TAB:
Set SIP user ID: Ignition
Set SIP authenticate ID: Ignition
Set SIP authenticate PW: LEAVE THIS BLANK
Set SIP user name: Ignition

Thank you very much for your assistance