Voice Alarm Notification Grandstream HT-813 Call Out Issue

Hi all,

Looking for help with setting up the Grandstream HT-813 for voice callouts via a PSTN line. I have spent a lot of time trying to make it work to no avail. I have followed the Ignition Knowledge Base How-To-Guide to a tee and cannot get the HT-813 to call out. The HT-813 is connected to the network via the WAN port and phone line is plugged into the FXO port.

A recent thread on this forum dealt with the same issue:

The user had issues with communication between Ignition and HT-813 due to the HT-813 being connected via the LAN port. Once someone proposed that the network connection was switched to the WAN port, the communication started working and HT-813 dialed out.

In my case, I am connected via the WAN port and my comms between Ignition and HT-813 appear to be working. As shown in the Ignition Debug Log image below, I am able to receive the correct SIP responses from the HT-813 - Status: 100 Trying, Status: 180 Ringing and Status: 200 OK (Invite) but there is no callout.

As part of my troubleshooting, I procured as second HT-813 unit and both behave the same. I'm running the latest firmware. Any help would be much appreciated.

SOLVED: The issue ended up being on the PBX/PSTN line and once that was resolved the callouts started working.