Ignition 8.1.x?

I am preparing for my first migration from 79 to 81, planned for end Q1 '22.

There are plenty of guides and forum posts on the migration itself.

My question is, which version of 8.1?

Go for the latest, find out what bugs are in it, and if they don’t affect the sandbox, leave it on that until a newer version comes out with a feature that I want?

Reading through the nightly changelogs will take quite some time.

Has anyone got a matrix of minor version/bugs/features?

It’s vision to vision, no requirement for Perspective.

This is the way.


Thanks, Kevin.

To all ye on 8.1.12 then, please chime in with any Vision ‘quirks’ :slight_smile:

Have you seen the upgrade guide yet? 7.9 to 8.1 Upgrade Guide - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

The biggest Vision-related change is probably the new look and feel / font.

@nminchin made a thread somewhere around here with additional things he ran into…

I agree with @Kevin.Herron on generally going to the newest version–with the caveat that I tend to wait a few days to see if any issues that would affect us come up in the forum (of course this doesn’t work if everyone does it :grin:).

A couple other things you may need to consider are noted in this short thread:

In our case, we’re on 8.1.9 and waiting for 8.1.13 for the next upgrade due to the issue with default tag provider assumed in many paths on older projects and no urgent need for anything in 8.1.10-8.1.12.

Yes, will study in fine detail once the sandbox is setup.

Can I submit a feature request for ‘classic look’ like in my UDM-Pro? :smiley: Joking… gotta move with the times.

That may well affect us too.

this one

Kevin might be a Mandalorian.

Maybe documented, but many times overlooked…

  1. The default name of the OPC Server no longer has a hyphen. Was “Ignition OPC-UA Server” but now is “Ignition OPC UA Server”

  2. Alarm Notification Pipelines are now project scoped, so your tags should identify the path to the pipeline as GatewayName/ProjectName/PipelineName.

  3. When you purposefully wanted to store a Bad Quality into the Tag Historian by using the quality value of 410 = “Disabled” (very helpful when you wanted to record data only when a system is running by using the expression function forceQuality(None,410)), the underlying dataintegrity value in the database would be 600. This made the Easy Chart display breaks in the trends even when interpolation is enabled and not selecting “Ignore Bad Quality”. It also displayed the tag as disabled which is helpful in knowing that no data is being stored at the moment. In 8.x the Tag Historian records a different dataintegrity value of 0 which is not interpreted as Bad Quality and no longer creates a break. Instead, you have to utilize the new expression function qualifiedValue(None,‘bad’,512) or 515 I think.

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