Upgrade from 8.1.1 to 8.1.10 - Any issues?

Does anyone have any input for this upgrade with regards to issues, considerations to prevent issues etc?

One consideration if relevant is that qualities now contain information about the cause. E.g. A Bad_Expression will now be Bad_Expression (thus is the cause)

So of you are using any string comparisons of qualities then these will break

Also, if you’re already upgrading, why not go to the latest (8.1.12)?

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If you use tag paths in your project that assume the default tag provider rather than specify it (common in older projects), you may want to wait for 8.1.13 (and possibly upgrade to 8.1.9 meanwhile):

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Here is one to look out for depending on your database(s):

SQL Server Connection Faulted

We upgraded it to 8.1.12 in the last week. No issues found. Thank you all for your inputs.

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