Ignition 8 Online Demo Examples

Do I copy it into another new view (open with favorite text editor, select all, copy, shift+right click on new view and select paste JSON) or import to the tags somehow?

If you select a tag provider (like “System”), then you can use the import tags icon in the Tag Browser (the arrow going to the right, into the backward “C”).

Hmm… tool tip pops up, but button does nothing… also doesn’t highlight like the other buttons there… not active?

It doesn’t look like you have a tag provider selected for your project. If you go to ‘All Providers’, is there a ‘Default’ tag provider? If you select that, can you import tags?

Lol, worked like a champ… one little detail :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ug. I know it’s not critical, but I’m trying to explore through some of the demo projects right now and the lack of this feature is driving me nuts. Many places in the demo projects have non-default meta names, or default meta names like “root” that aren’t informative enough to know what container type they are. I’m resorting to copy-pasting the component definitions into a text editor to look at “type” field. Can you please give this feature a bump on the backlog for me?

In an upcoming release (8.0.1 or 8.0.2), we’ll be introducing component (including containers, since they’re just components which hold components) icons, which will be displayed in the Component Palette and the Project Browser. Once these icons are in place, you should be able to easily identify root container “types” just by comparing to the Component Palette.

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Is it possible to get the “Styles” used for this project as well?

Sure, here you go:

Ignition8.0DemoStyles.zip (57.8 KB)

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We Can’t find the Navigation tag, which provide the navigation json data.Can you provide?

as well as table structure for table simulation_data_minute

We originally were not including the nav json because it provided a more complicated way of using the menu tree. Essentially, it is a large json string that provides the structure and content for not just the menu tree, but also the description for each page. I will provide an example here, but please remember this is just one possible way to set up your menu tree, and not the only or even the best way for any specific project:

navJson-demo.txt (16.6 KB)

The simulation_data_minute table is simply made up of an id (int), t_stamp (date), and 16 doubles named c1-c16. There are 1440 rows in the table, with a single row for each minute of the day, so that it plays as a loop. I have included a copy of a dataset that includes the structure and one whole row:

simulation_data.txt (562 Bytes)

i am unable to launch the client session. Viewer not found . which viewer i have to used it ?

Would you be able to provide more information on that issue?
A screenshot might also help us point you in the right direction.

i know i should add viewer in configuration setting . which viewer i should added ?.

error is:
View Not Found
No view configured for this page"

It looks like you do not have any pages configured for your Perspective project. You will need to add a new page to your project and point it to one of the views in the project.
Without this configuration, Perspective will not know what views to load.

i configured one view and mapped to one predesigned view . what i am looking for to launch the perspective view as per demo project as per below

If you want to copy the demo project’s entire page configuration, then you will need to import the Perspective project’s settings. To do that, download the following file and import it into your project:

perspectiveDemoConfig.zip (4.2 KB)

Is it possible to share the entire gateway instead of project?

We are working on making that available as both a Gateway Backup and full VM Image. Once that is ready, it will be available in the Ignition Extras section of the downloads page.