Ignition Alert message to Microsoft Team

Hi ignition community
Is it possible to send Alert to Microsoft Team ? And what mechanism fir that?

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Sure, take a look at this post…you’ll find a quick how to: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/itmation_ignition-scada-et-notification-microsoft-activity-6684760744736768000-l7vX



There is other workaround with Ignition SMTP mail configuration itself. In MS Teams we can get the email address of each channel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5Dekg8NG5w). Which can be used in Ignition alarm pipeline to trigger a mail to MS Teams channel. I just tested this email ID with mail server on the Gateway webpage under Email Settings.

Has anyone extended this idea to displaying a channel, chat, etc. from Teams in Ignition? And even better, have an event trigger when a new message arrives so Ignition can do something like sound an alarm or turn on a light? I am about to write a messaging system for Ignition (well, tweak one that I have seen) but this would be a more elegant solution.

If you use the WebDev module, you could set up an endpoint that receives events from Microsoft’s “Graph API” (apparently) - you’ll have to create an appropriate subscription: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/graph/api/resources/webhooks?view=graph-rest-1.0

Somewhere in MDN, there’ll probably be a reference to the structure of the JSON you’ll get once subscribed - in your webdev resource, you would parse that JSON and accordingly perform some Ignition action(s).

If I am reading the documentation correctly outgoing webhooks (POSTs to the WebDev module) only work if you @mention the webhook. I am really looking to integrate (or write) a dumbed down Teams client that can be embedded into Ignition. I may end up using a database table to mimic a chat.

Is it possible to use the Microsoft Graph API to post to a Teams channel without creating an incoming webhook connector? Incoming Webhook Connectors are currently disabled for my organization and I am looking for a work around to post to a teams channel (other than using Ignition to send an email to the channel)

@kissamcorrina it should be no problem… I didn’t try yet but will in the next days; I’ll post my result here.

Hi @gnguyen,
I’m interested in MS Teams integration too. Did you get it working?


We use http request to push message to Teams; we do not have use of messages from teams to ignition, so we do not use webbed on Ignition side. We use it almost everyday for our demo Ignition SCADA et notification Microsoft Teams - YouTube

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Thanks @gnguyen you did it in the beginning
below the function based on MS document , first, you have to generate a connector from MS Team group .


Has anyone figured out how to push a message from Teams to Ignition. From Ignition to Teams is pretty straightforward.

Hi @gnguyen , unfortunately your link is broken.

Oh…i’ll have a look at that! Thanks.

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