Ignition Core Certification updates

In my opinion, we live in such a tech heavy world, trying to minimize cheating will only cause more, happened when I was in school. What's stopping someone from only sharing one screen? What's stopping someone from using an AI assistant overlay? I don't have a camera so does this mean I can't take the test? If I have my IU on a separate screen and the webcam catches my eyes moving to IU/Ignition will I get flagged? If there isn't enough manpower to hand grade is there enough man power to re-watch footage? I also don't understand the point of it being timed now. Correct me if I'm wrong but we used to have a year to complete the test, now it's 1-2 hours timed segments that can't be paused, some of us just don't have that kind of time that we can sit down and dedicate to the test for an hour to two at a time. Certifications are just becoming obsolete, anyone can take a cert, doesn't mean they have the knowledge.

I think it's been stated many times, in this topic, that the changes can't prevent everything, but it seems like a step in the right direction IMO. I hate timed tests, but because I suck at them. A timed test is much better to determine competency. Too many people were taking the tests as training and thus they didn't know the material like they should. The timed test should close the loop and show how much a person really knows. Remember, you no longer have to score perfect, like before.

If you aren't comfortable using a camera, or don't have one, then you can always attend a class.

Lastly, AFAIK, this is only for Core. The Gold cert still uses the old test, and IMO counts a lot more. More and more customers are requiring Gold certification to even submit a proposal let alone do work.

I guess you need fear no competition from me. :roll_eyes:

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Well IMO the client is an idiot if they pass you up because of no certification. I suppose a rule is a rule, but common sense still goes a long way.

I've seen the requirements for more than just Ignition. For example, a few customers are starting to require certifications for Rockwell.


I am confused by the question 9 in the test practice.
Is it not enough to take the exam the free version "Ignition Maker Edition"?
In this version you don't have access to Vision module and therefore to windows

You can use the full version in 2-hour demo mode.


Also, delete the test content from your question. It's against the testing rules to post that material here.

I just deleted it, just in case, but it was the test Practice test:
(Practice Test Questions | Inductive Automation Training)

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I see.

...better safe than sorry

I took a test last year, but never did the resubmit to fix the minor things.
I was going to check on what I need to do.

Training Certification Landing Page]
Is this current?
The link at the bottom to the FAQ is broken.

Hey Zach that page is getting old and will be taken down soon, I don't think it is is on the website anymore, the broken link is an old page that was already taken down.

You can email training@inductiveautomation.com if you have questions about your specific test. Any information about your test would have been sent via email.