Ignition Edge 8.1 - OPC UA Server Capabilites

I have Ignition Edge v8.15 running on Windows 10, and would like to set it up as an OPC-UA server. Ignition will poll some RTU’s on site, and a different HMI software will gather that data from Ignition via OPC-UA.

I have the devices working properly on Ignition, and if my OPC-UA server is on the same local PC as Ignition edge, I have it working properly. My issues start when I try to have a remote 3rd party OPC-UA client attempt a connection, it does not work. I’ve read through the help and as far as i can tell, in ‘Config → OPC UA → Server Settings’ there should be a binding address and some other properties in the MAIN section. I do not have these settings. All I have is Bind Port and Security Policies. See attached picture.

Can Ignition Edge support OPC-UA Server to a remote client? Or am I missing something in my install or config?

Only if you have the “IIoT” plugin licensed.

I’m running all modules in demo mode. Should it work if I have the IIoT module installed, running but in demo?

IIoT Plugin is a licensing option, not a module. Certain Edge functionality is only activated by licensing options and requires an active license.

I believe in the future we’re going to change it so that all functionality is available in demo and may disappear when a license is applied if not present. In the meantime maybe you can talk to your sales rep about getting a temporary license with the IIoT Plugin enabled for testing.

I will do that. I didn’t realize there are limiting within demo mode.

Thanks for the help!