Ignition Edge OPC-UA Capabilities

I am using an Opto 22 EPIC PR1 device running Ignition Edge 8.1.7 (Trial Licence Version).

I have a project which needs to achieve the following:

  1. Obtain data from an OPC-UA Server connected to one IP port of the EPIC, subnet1

  2. Publish this data to an MQTT Broker on a device connected to 2nd IP port of the EPIC, subnet2

  3. Make the SAME data available to an OPC-UA Client on the same device connected to 2nd IP port of the EPIC.
    I have achieved 1 and 2 already using Edge OPC-UA Client and MQTT Transmission, but I am struggling to work out how to do 3.
    I was pointed in the direction of a post from last year, that mentioned IIoT Plugin to expose the data to a 3rd party OPC-UA Client:
    Ignition Edge 8.1 - OPC UA Server Capabilites

But this doesn’t address how to ‘transfer’ the data from the OPC-UA Client to the OPC-UA Server on the EPIC.
Can this actually be achieved, or am I trying to achieve the impossible?

If I’m understanding the setup correctly, you have a bunch of OPC tags created in Ignition at this point, and you want some other 3rd party OPC UA client to see those tags and be able to consume them?

If so, then yes, you need the IIoT Plugin + enable the “Expose Tag Providers” setting for Ignition’s built-in OPC UA server: Ignition's OPC UA Server - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

@Kevin.Herron you understand the setup correctly.

Is there a way to obtain a trial version of the IIoT plugin for proof of concept, please?

I don’t know, talk to your sales rep.

I thought we were moving to a model with Edge where trial mode had unrestricted functionality. Maybe that hasn’t happened yet?

Here are all the modules included with Edge on the Opto 22 EPIC:

I can’t find details on Inductive site about the IIoT Plugin. Do you have a link, please?


@Kevin.Herron Eventually got it working after installing trial Edge licence and finding a comment you made in 2020 about a similar issue.

Thanks for all your help, It is much appreciated.

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