Ignition for Kubernetes and Configurable Context Root

Kevin Collins or someone in that area, we are trying to containerize a custom Docker image which we've been able to do however the only Kubernetes manifest files I could find was in another post (Ignition on Azure Kubernetes Service) but was hoping there would be more formal documentation available soon. Also, we can't run 2 instances of Ignition on the same Kubernetes (AKS in my case) cluster because Ignition claims the root context path. I couldn't find any Docker variables (Docker Image - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation) where the context root could be custom. Instead of have Ignition running on localhost:8088/ we like to have it adjustable to something like localhost:8088/ignition1 and localhost:8088/ignition2. Any direction would be greatly appreciated!

Pretty sure you need a proxy in front of Ignition to use a different root.

I'm aware of the proxy architecture, however the proxy doesn't help where the Ignition container is deploy/running. A proxy will allow for this:
[Due to restricts of this forum, I can only put at the most 2 URLs in a post, so in the following scenario replace the _ with a dot .]
proxy_com/ignition1 |---> ignition1_abc_com (deployed on Kubernetes cluster1)
proxy_com/ignition2 |---> ignition2_abc_com (deployed on Kubernetes cluster2)

You can't deploy more than 1 instances of Ignition on a Kubernetes clusters because all of the code currently depends on having the root context path (/).
My goal is to have a proxy be able to route traffic to 2 (or more) instances of Ignition deployed to the same cluster:
proxy_com/ignition1 |---> ignition_abc_com/ignition1 (deployed on Kubernetes cluster1)
proxy_com/ignition2 |---> ignition_abc_com/ignition2 (deployed on Kubernetes cluster1)
It doesn't make sense that I would need to create a new Kubernetes cluster each time I wanted to deploy an instance of Ignition. If the Kubernetes cluster has enough resources (CPU & Memory) it should be able to run as many instances of Ignition as we want. The root issue is that Ignition's links and redirects in the JavaScript are hardcoded to use the base context path of '/' and if there was just a way to pass in a variable as part of the Docker Build, that would be enough but I think this change would need implemented in the code base of Ignition as well. I did notice that at least part of the application uses a web.xml to handle some internal routes, it would be nice to have the ability to pass in a context root to that. Allowing for more flexibility to implement the product in the way the customer wants or needs.

Ah. Then no, you won't be able to do this. I recommend making a feature request (on https://ideas.inductiveautomation.com/).