Ignition mock scripts on GitHub

Hello, fellow Ignition users!

As my scripting library was growing I had the need for some source code management, so I turned to using an IDE for my scripts. After trying a couple (1) I settled with PyCharm.

Some of my Python scripts make use of the system.* scripting functions, and for obvious reasons PyCharm was letting me know that those functions did not exist, so I came up with mock scripts for the system “package”, which I now release to all of you (probably) facing the same situation.

You will find the repository at Ignition mock scripts.

Feel free to download and/or collaborate, and let me know if you have some questions or suggestions.


1 Visual Studio Code, Eclipse + PyDev, and PyCharm


this is great. I would love to see more Ignition content on github. and I am willing to contribute.

this reminds me that during ICC @Travis.Cox mentioned a more robust community sharing experience was in the works. Any update on that?


It is in the works. I am hoping to have that project completed in Q2.


That is true. Not a lot of Ignition related content on github yet.

I saw a couple of interesting repositories for automatic provisioning of ignition gateways using docker (https://github.com/thirdgen88/ignition-docker) and vagrant (https://github.com/thirdgen88/ignition-vagrant)

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Let me know if you have any feedback on those repo’s, I’d certainly enjoy collaborating some on it… I’ve got some additional goodies planned, including some Docker Compose solutions that will package a database container alongside Ignition. I’d also like to put together some videos to showcase some example ways to leverage either Docker or Vagrant w/ Ignition.

I’ve got Docker images pushed to Docker Hub as well–take a peek here for info: https://store.docker.com/community/images/kcollins/ignition


hey Kevin. I have some Docker plans. We should talk. Ping me at hbales@stonetek.com

Thanks Kevin. We just converted our dev box to a container!

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Is anyone using this in kubernetes? :slight_smile: