Ignition - MongoDB

I’m on 8.1.12

Anybody has been able to connect a MongoDB local server ? Which JDBC have you used?

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this was mention in the forum a while ago

I know that, and I’ve tried unityjdbc.com/mongojdbc/mongo_jdbc.php, but I can’t get it work, connection always failed and I dont’know why.

Can I ask why you would want MongoDB? If it is about JSON objects, PostgreSQL supports them as well fwiw and has a built in JBDC driver from Ignition.

I want to use Mongo for Time Series Collection, it’s more efficient than PostgreSQL, I already use PostgreSQL for config storage.

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It seems you are blazing a trail here. You get to figure out how to make it work, if possible. Please let us know how it turns out.

(I’m skeptical of the “more efficient” claim, fwiw.)


Based on Database Comparison - SQL vs. NoSQL (MySQL vs PostgreSQL vs Redis vs MongoDB) | Blog - Python Software House With Heart and Soul, Poland

Performance and flexibilty seems to be better with NoSQL DB like MongoDB

That link will be more interesting after you report how you made it work in Ignition.

I wish the author of that showed what sort of table he ran the CRUD operations on and what if any indexes or primary keys the MySQL/Postgre tables had for said operations.

For example if the author ran UPDATE table SET someColumn = y WHERE someOtherColumn=7 where someOtherColumn is not a index then you are setting up your db for failure as it requires a full table scan, O(n) where n is the number of records in the table, versus a complexity of O(log n) which is a big difference.

As @pturmel mentioned though even if you do succeed I do wonder how well it will with Ignition - I don’t know how you would be able to integrate Named Querys at all since Mongo doesn’t use SQL.