Ignition OPC-UA Server stays Faulted

Trying to get this OPC-UA Server to go online. I’m currently running Ignition off of my localhost and have set static IP’s for all devices that look like 10.200.9.xxx. Every time I try to discover the OPC-UA endpoints it gives me the endpoint options with my DHCP IP address, which I think causes my server connection to be faulted.
I’m running Version 7.9.4

Don’t know if this will work for you, but I have had some luck with using the host override function in advanced settings for the OPC Server.

just enter the IP-address of the opc server in the Host Override field, (IP address only).

Setting the host override is a valid solution - but the IP address that the UA server is bound to is configurable:

If you change the bind address in the OPC-UA server settings, then restart the gateway/UA module you should see whatever address you set when you discover endpoints (assuming we were able to bind to that address).

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