Ignition Perspective dropdown "allow custom options"

Where can I find out more about the allowCustomOptions property for the perspective dropdown component? In the documentation, the only thing said about this is:

Whether a user may enter a custom value to be submitted. Default is false.

That doesn't really tell me anything useful.


If allowCustomOptions is true, then the user can treat the Dropdown like a Text Field, where they supply their own text. The user needs to interact with the option list as a sort of confirmation. This does not actually modify the available options of the dropdown, but it does change the value of the Dropdown to whatever this custom option is.

For example, I have the options “one” and “two” available in a Dropdown. I allow for custom options in that Dropdown. A user attempts to add a custom option of “three”.

Screen Shot 2021-10-10 at 6.45.52 PM

The user must actually click the “Create three” option of the Dropdown. The value property of the Dropdown will now has a value of “three”. The props.options property of the Dropdown has not changed. This new value the user has supplied will be retained even during page reload/refresh, but if the user navigates away to another page and then comes back the props.value of the Dropdown will now have reverted back to its “default” value as configured in the Designer.

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