Ignition to EtherNet/IP without a PLC

Is it possible for Ignition to talk directly to a device that talks EtherNet/IP without a PLC in between? Kepware or some other software/hardware?

That sounds interesting…

Ethernet/IP Class 1 Communications


I looked at the module you posted and it still looks like it would require a PLC between Ignition and my end devices. Is that the case? We want to avoid putting a PLC on the floor that is just there for communication purposes. Thanks!

Regarding the …“It still looks like it would require a PLC”… See Documentation:

https://www.automation-pros.com/enip1/UserManual.pdf which was part of what Mr. Turmel was trying to tell you. There are devices other than Rockwell Automation ( eg. ProSoft makes modules compatible with RA PLCs that do not need to be mechanically connected to the PLC ), but without knowing what you want to connect- the question is probably one that you can not get an easy answer for. There are all sorts of modules available for different types of communication that may be installed on an Ignition server. When you specify EtherNet/IP rather than Ethernet over a particular type of path such as IEEE 802.3i or 802.3j it might be better if you could spell out TCP (Y/N) UDP or IP or other tunnel protocol eg. TN3270 session over 10BASE-F. As Mr. Turmel would remind me, there is a support portion to be considered, the link similar to https://support.inductiveautomation.com yet you may want to look at the policy section there before calling the voice number. Please post your results here, there are always folks who want to know how you succeed or not.

Without the scanner option, it is an I/O slave and a target for other PLCs’ message instructions.

With the scanner option, it is also an I/O master – no PLC required.

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