Ignition V8 release

Any update on the release of V8 ?


Certainly not before the conference.


So, AT the conference!!! Woohoo. HAHAHA, just kidding. Hope its coming along good. Can’t wait to see it.


Does that mean USB sticks will be available for us to take it home? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Dang! Forgot to ask about Omron FINS… after all, it’s been a while since I’ve whined about it…

how about the html5 module or option?

Not part of 8 :frowning:

Part of 8! If we’re talking about the same thing?

Yeah I am talking about whatever will allow ignition to be served up in html5 instead of java.

Is it going to be in the first release of 8 or at a later date?

It’s going to be in the first release of 8.


It would be interesting to know what kind of frameworks will be used. (Javascript / backend / …) . This would prepare integrators a bit.

Is a debugging tool for scripts still part of the release. I recall talking to Carl or Colby at ICC 2016 and they were stating debugging tool would be in Scripting Playground .

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I doubt this will make it, but it depends on how the the next few months go.

That’s too bad, because I am sure you guys have heard many times that troubleshooting script is a Royal PITA

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how many of us currently debug scripts like this ?


That’s how it was done “back in the day”, and how it’s still done for many kinds of programming and languages.

We realize how nice it would be to have some better IDE-like features but it just hasn’t made the cut yet.


Is not Ignition to be ‘above the rest’ and ‘not like the rest’ :smiling_imp:

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You might have better luck splitting your code up into more atomic units. Typically making 1 function do 1 thing well (and fail well) makes debugging a lot easier. That includes input/argument validation and proper exception handling. IE: throw early, catch late (or only catch when you can react in a meaningful way)

Granted I know absolutely nothing about what you’re doing here, but at a cursory glance I’m confused why something called ‘loadTemplate’ is updating the database at all.

I agree with your message though, better debugging features would be great. I usually ride the struggle bus anytime I need to write a nested expression function, which gives zero feedback outside of ‘evaluation error’ or something similar.

What’s this “troubleshooting” of which y’all are speaking? Do the rest of you not write perfect code?


The load template creates template data to overlay existing data for comparison . This is common in CIP applications.
Template or ‘Golden Batch’ is in red

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my code is perfect, end users are just not using it right :grin: