Ignition V8 release

Thanks a lot @Colby.Clegg for these clarification. All the tag’s properties bindable to udt parameters will be an amazing enhancement. That’s indeed what we need! With a JSON datatype added… To store and retrieve extra information… Perfect.
For the redundant opc source for a tag, an opc server name bindable is a good start of solution, but for a true hot standby with a source failover with the minimum time, the only solution is to read data on both opc sources simultaneously and select one or the other depending on the quality or a keepalive criteria… I Hope it could be possible in the future…
Impatient to test a beta!

I wonder how much of such complex data structures, dynamic property binding, nested json objects in tag properties etc will be used by a normal SCADA applications, though they will certainly add a lot of flexibility in address space definition and add dynamic features, if Ignition can easily implement them. Some kind of prioritization may be required based on their practical use cases and importance based on user feed back.

General parameter bindings are just a continuation of what we’ve had, so that will be used a lot. The fact that you can write to them and have the changes propagate immediately is nice, but I don’t believe will or should be commonly used (our general philosophy before was that parameters were a design time setting, and shouldn’t be dynamic… but certainly there are decent edge use cases). Dynamic bindings on parameters would be even further in this direction. I do think it could be useful, but I’m always nervous about making it too hard for someone to come in and understand how the data flows.

@mazeyrat You’re right, and what you’re describing is currently what I’d like to do on an entire tag provider level, not just OPC- it’s what gets thrown around as the concept of “federated tag providers”. A provider that combines other tag providers, and then merges them together and selects the best quality data source on a fine grained level at any time. I don’t have a timeline yet, but I know more than a few people would have liked it “yesterday”.

:clap: :clap: :clap: custom properties on tags is a very usefull feature (especially for tags in UDT), for simple or complex scada. We have many use case of custom properties associated to each tags such as :

  • the possible/enum value for a an interger command (example : 0 : no command, 1 : open, 2 : close)
  • the possible/enum value for a an interger state (example : 0 : unknown position, 1 : opened, 2 : closed)
  • the value of some user parameters to drive custom processing on tag
  • the tag path for a state value to check in response to a command tag
  • all the data related to a tag but with no standard property expected to store it.

Moreover, for the 2 first use cases, these custom properties could be used to map the historic value to a user readable text (example : open, close, …) in the audit log for integer command or in the easy chart for analog state.

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I sincerely hope that multiple popup windows (different types or multiple instances) will be possible in the html5 view. It would be a dealbreaker for me

Whether or not a single page can show more than one internal popup shouldn’t matter, as a Perspective session can span multiple browser tabs and/or browser popups.

I dont mean browser popups, but popups you call from pressing on a valve or motor.

Either is possible. If you need more than one, open them in browser popups/tabs. That’s what you need for smooth navigation in a mobile device, anyways.

I sincerely hope that multiple popup windows (different types or multiple instances) will be possible in the html5 view. It would be a dealbreaker for me

I’d need a concrete example of your use case to know for certain we meet the needs, but I am pretty confident that you will find perspective to be much more flexible than vision. Whether it’s one or more popups vs one of the many other ways we allow you to communicate/launch across views/tabs/etc, I’d be really surprised if you couldn’t accomplish your goals in a relatively straight-forward manner.

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Basically just this

Also will there some form of thin client to run in full screen and lock the operators out of the OS ?

Just thinking about cost effencieny here, It would be costly to have to develop seperate applications for the mobile part in perspective and then another in vision for the control rooms. which will never disappear, despite what most people have been led to believe with industry 4.0

To run perspective full screen in the control room you would use a kiosk browser. There are many already available.

Native desktop applications are part of the roadmap for 8.1, but as @accyroy points out, you can certainly use Perspective in any (modern) desktop web browser. Perspective is not restricted to mobile use - there is a ‘mobile-only’ license available, but you can absolutely use it to create “traditional” HMI screens for desktop use as well.


My company currently has the 7.9.6 vision module with 5 client limit, and I’m looking at updating to the unlimited client license soon. I believe the cost for upgrade is about $2500. Is there any benefit on waiting to do this, and trying to upgrade to version 8.0 with perspective instead. How much more is that up front? I think I saw a preorder of perspective was $6500. This is quite a big jump. Any thoughts?

You should definitely talk to your account representative but the price variance you are describing is because you are comparing the cost of upgrading a limited version of a module that you’ve already paid for to a brand new module. I believe the unlimited Vision module is currently $5950 new (not upgraded), so at $6500 the Perspective module is priced appropriately.

Does Ignition V8 support Bacnet?



According to this year old post, no.

So, for all intents and purposes, an Ignition 7.9 app should gracefully upgrade to Ignition 8.0? Is that the intention with regard to a Vision application?

Yes, it should, aside from some minor visual changes to do with the change in Look and Feel.

So perspective is new vision module in version 8 along with associated changes in gateway to renders static and dynamic display in clients is that right? The old vision module will not coexist with new vision module right?(I used to think so until I installed the version 8 beta!). How else do you define perspective in one line in Ignition? Is there a summary of list of changes available somewhere for Ignition 8?

Is perspective support mouseDragged event? I read some where in ignition docs that this feature is disable in mobile module, so I’m a little worried for perspective. I use it for creating modern and good looking slider in vision and want to create them in perspective.