Ignition V8 release

I already sign for it but no feedback, but I’m not selected for beta program. So please if possible send me a link to download it.

Sorry, I don’t have a link. If you applied and haven’t heard back and really want to get your hands on the beta, try contacting your sales rep at IA.


what is the main client scripting language in perspective? (java script or python) It feels using java script is more convenient for web interfaces.

Is template concept support in perspective? If yes can I use my vision template holder in perspective? (I mean template with custom properties and script NOT vision component.)

Jython. All user-configurable scripting runs in the gateway for Perspective. Tight security.

That’ll will only be possible for new components in an add-on module.

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The concept is supported (as nestable “views”), but your Vision templates will continue working in Vision only.

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Thank you Phil.
Is expression language is the same as vision in perspective?

Is it possible to insert really made html5 component in perspective? For example following link there are many beautiful charts which can be used in web applications.


As I check the doc 8.0, there is no radar chart but chartjs has it and if this can be import to perspective this solve the shortage component for now


I guess its possible to embed an html5 page in perspective,as per response from Ignition to one of my similar questions. Only thing is we should be able to link the data coming from ignition server to the chartjs or any of our html components in these pages.

However I guess there could be limitations to it due to security concerns.

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Will Perspective Mobile support push notifications to Android, IOS devices for alarms, and events etc ?

Not at launch, due to complications with the way Ignition works vs the way Google/Apple want apps to work - see Carl’s post here for more info:

We absolutely want to do this, but to get true push notification to work is a bit tricky, because for it to work, your gateway would have to route alarm notifications through the internet to a server that we owned and maintained. This means there some added complications, technically (route to the internet), financially (some sort of IA account required), and legally (SLAs, etc)

Thanks for your reply. We will look forward to this feature in the future!

Is possible to bind component properties to zoom level of view?
For example checking zoom level if it higher than 120% and hide/show an component.

Can anyone confirm compare the multi touch gestures of perspective with following video?

My new module RWS allows you to integrate your own HTML pages with such components and integrate with ignition easily see www.pramanj.com for more details of RWS module