Ignition Vision and Ethernet I/P devices

I would like to get Ignition to display information from some networked VFDs. From what I've read so far, @pturmel Ignition Third-Party Module Showcase module would be the best option. Has anyone done something like this for non-PLC devices like scanners, cameras, drives, etc? Is there going to be an intermediary device like a logix 5000 controller required?

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If you have a Logix PLC to act as intermediary then you don't need Phil's module.

If you don't, then his module is probably the best shot at being able to get this data.

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If you can add messaging instructions to the Logix PLC to request the data of interest, then IA's driver can monitor the PLC tags where you've stashed the response(s).

If you cannot do this, or you want to monitor even when the PLC is not running, you probably want my module.

I have Logix 500 platforms available here, 5000 is available if needed but means a lot more IT involvement and round trip traffic through other VLANS and wifi bridges.

No. It is listed in the Module Showcase, but that will eventually lead you to my own web server.

You should also follow its forum topic for additional commentary and pre-release notices.

I have your forum topic followed, and have read through it. I got it downloaded from your site, does the trial reset like the ignition trial, or is it two hours only and then done? Because it's going to take me a lot more than 2 hours to figure this out! :slight_smile:

Same behavior as IA's stuff when unlicensed. Do note that once purchased with specific options, the unpurchased options, if any, no longer work in trial mode.

Okay, thanks. I got it installed, time to start exploring I guess.

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If you have a particular VFD model you'd like to start with, I don't mind doing a little pre-sales support. Send me the EDS file for it and let me know what parameters are most interesting, and I'll hack it up for you.

Will the server stop running when the time expires or just the module?

Just the module. Strictly speaking, my module keeps running, but it cuts off all of its OPC traffic.

I'm using ABB ACS880 (Rebranded as ITT PS220 drives). I've attached the EDS file here. I managed to make it work using EEM instructions from the SLC Platform (Logix 500), but I'm concerned about the impact to the overall scan times. I'll dig into that a bit more after I get the 3 parameters working. Right now I'm trying to get speed (rpm, parameter 1.01), power (motor shaft power, parameter 1.17), flow (flow actual, parameter 1.201)

If you have time to look into this, I'd probably end up getting rid of the EEM instructions and just polling the drives directly from the Ignition server, and let the PLC's do their thing.

FENA21_EDS_filerev3.7.zip (563.4 KB)

There's like a million EDS files in that zip file. Could you instead point my module's generic client driver at one of the target drives, then get me the diagnostic files it yields? (The contents of the device's folder under the $installfolder/data/opcua/devices/ folder.)

CipProbe.txt (7.1 KB)

Hopefully this is the right file. There is a second directory with the same name, but no number appended.

That helps, but please look in your gateway's install folder for .../data/opcua/devices/Retort_P1_VFD_5 and zip up all of the files there for me. You can send them to my support email address if you don't want to post them.

That's the only file there, including hidden files.

Hmm. That's odd. Can you drill into the diagnostic information and get me the device information (catalog string, device type, product id, major and minor version numbers). If device and first hop info is different, report both.

Sorry, I'm either not finding it or it doesn't exist. I looked in the Diagnostics > Logs in the Ignition web interface, and in the server's directories. The only log file I can find is the CipProbe.txt.

Ah, sorry. I thought you'd realize I meant the diagnostic information in the OPC Browser or in the OPC Quick Client.

Okay, found that info. Device and first hop reported the same:

Server Address Value Quality Timestamp
Ignition OPC UA Server ns=1;s=[Retort P1 VFD][Diagnostics]/Device/DeviceType 100 Good 9/21/23, 9:28:13 AM PDT [x]
Ignition OPC UA Server ns=1;s=[Retort P1 VFD][Diagnostics]/Device/MajorRevision 3 Good 9/21/23, 9:28:30 AM PDT [x]
Ignition OPC UA Server ns=1;s=[Retort P1 VFD][Diagnostics]/Device/MinorRevision 39 Good 9/21/23, 9:28:30 AM PDT [x]
Ignition OPC UA Server ns=1;s=[Retort P1 VFD][Diagnostics]/Device/ProductName ACS880 Good 9/21/23, 9:28:46 AM PDT [x]
Ignition OPC UA Server ns=1;s=[Retort P1 VFD][Diagnostics]/Device/VendorId 46 Good 9/21/23, 9:29:01 AM PDT [x]
Ignition OPC UA Server ns=1;s=[Retort P1 VFD][Diagnostics]/Device/DeviceType 100 Good 9/21/23, 9:29:53 AM PDT [x]
Ignition OPC UA Server ns=1;s=[Retort P1 VFD][Diagnostics]/Device/ProductCode 701 Good 9/21/23, 9:30:03 AM PDT [x]