Ignition with Azure DevOps


I want to use Azure DevOps to manage the development of my project.
At this point, I’m going to use the Azure Board and Azure Repos.
But was wondering if there are ways to implement more features of Azure.
For example:
• Are there ways to test Ignition automatically?
• Are there ways to automatically Deploy Ignition on a server?
• Are there ways to integrate CI/CD with Ignition?

In addition to the automatically testing, are there ways to test the code you write?
I mean that I can get something working doesn’t mean that my code is made in a professional and good way.

I just made a reply on this thread… Source control in Ignition 8 - #11 by ryanjmclaughlin

Yes, we just setup Devops release pipelines to perform project deployments. Ignition projects are simply file resources, so all that is needed is a copy files task to move the project files to the target gateway.

Others might chime in more, but I work with developers from both an IT background and an Operational/Engineering background. I always feel that Ignition is an operational tool, not an IT tool. When you focus too strong on testing “code” then you try to write everything in Ignition is scripts which is just the wrong approach. Most users I work with that avoid coding everything in Ignition are more successful. A lot of parts of Ignition are configuration over code so standard unit testing and such is not really possible, I’m sure it could happen, but not sure if its worth the effort.