Igniton and Insql

Anyone ever try to integrate Ignition with InSql / Wonderware? I have a customer who’s SCADA system is Wonderware with Insql / Historian and they are exploring the possibilties of creating a interface on the administrative side to view shift reports, mill reports and other milling data.

Strangely enough, a concrete example of someone doing this doesn’t come to mind. However, there very well may be someone out there, and hopefully they’ll offer their experience.

Beyond that, InSQL is hosted through SQL Server, so in theory it should be possible to connect through JDBC. I know I’ve seen the WW Historian Query tool which allows you to write SQL queries against their “schema”, so I would imagine it’s possible to connect and do this yourself.

However, I don’t have much more to go on than that. I can ask the sales people and some of our ex-wonderware customers tomorrow if they know of any cases of this.


We’ve done it, Nothing more than pulling data for other purposes really. As Colby says, You can interface right to the database end w/out much trouble.

Any difference in setting up the JDBC driver as compared to regular SQL?

A lot of our installs have been Wonderware and this particular client has spent close to $50,000 this year in licenses for 10 clients / 1 developer / Historian. There is talks of allowing managers to view apps to see production reports and the like but with no access to alter running conditions. My thoughts were if everything is already logging to InSQL why not just use that data and instead of spending $$$ on licenses spend it on development time.

I didn’t have to do anything special no, The structure that insql uses is a little odd, but nothing you can’t deal with.

Hey Everybody.

How hard would it be to migrate old InSQL data into a new MySQL database for Ignition? I would be ditching the old structure. Would it possible to manually backlog data for each corresponding Ignition Tag using MySQL management tools? Is it even possible to convert Microsoft SQL to MySQL?

Just to let you know, we are working on a Historian migration tool. It is now being tested and we will post it as soon as it is ready.

Ho, nice feature. Any deadline for this migration tool ?

No ETA, sorry. All I can say for now is that it is being tested… we will post it as soon as we are ready to.

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I could really use an InSQL migration tool on a current project. Any word if it's still in the works?
Thank you, John

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Do you have access to the InSQL Query interface to get to the data in SQL Management studio? If so this process is pretty straightforward to do just in SQL.

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