Importing tags form Wonderware

Does anyone have any experience importing tags from a wonderware tag name data base. We have over 10k tags and it looks to be very tedious. I have the concept on how to import and manipulate the fields, but was just wondering if anyone has done it, have any ideas, share the grief, etc.

I’m not familiar with their format - maybe you can write a little program to convert it into a CSV that you could import into SQLTags?

Kepware has an OPC Intouch client driver. The driver will work in demo mode for 2 hours. The driver can read the Wonderware tag-name database. It will sort the tags alphabetically. The only piece of data the driver won’t read is the item field or PLC address. By right clicking on the device you can export a CSV file.

InTouch has a built-in utility called (I think) DBLoad and DBDump, just for the export and import of CSV formatted tags. Of course the format of the file is quite complex and is broken up into digital, analog, string, float and alarm sections.


sounds like your best bet is to export your ww database to csv, and then copy and paste relevant data fields to their respective spots on the igntion csv.

I am sure there has to be a way to build some type of program to collect the data out of the wonderware csv and import it into the proper spot on the igntion csv… but that is well beyond my capability.

IF you are slightly familar with Visual Basic, you can use the VBA in Excel to process the data from the Wonderware DBSave export .CSV into an Ignition import .CSV.

I have used VBA in Excel to actually write code that has lots of repetitions. It will take a list of tagnames in an Excel column, process them against a template of what should be done with the tag in another column, and output the resulting code in another column.

This pupply will process thousands of tagnames and write bug free code. If the template is right, the resulting code will be right. Then you just have to select the output, right click and select copy, goto the the desired destination and paste the code just created.

I am a lousy typist, so this eliminates a bunch of typos that are hard to find.


The project of converting tags from the Wonderware data base is finally completed. Ended up with 10,044 tags in the Ignition database and I’m sure there will be more to be added down the road. It was a daunting task initially but it turned out to be a repetitive process as it proceeded. Actually, it turned out to be relaxing because it required a lot of concentration. The first task was to lay out, side by side on a spreadsheet, all of the Wonderware fields (MemoryDisc, IoDisc, Memory Int, Ioint etc.) next to the Ignition fields and eliminate as many unused Wonderware fields as possible. Basically it came down to the data type, opc addressing, alarming and history. Had to be sure that the data types were the same especially the floats. That required some research and experimentation. One important step was to change the tag names in order to conform to Ignitions indirect addressing scheme. That 's important in order to make life easier down the road. I used the OpenOffice spreadsheet to do all of the work. Concatenation, merging, and searching worked a lot better than Excel. The project was worked on intermittently so it took a few weeks to complete.