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While trying to solve a problem I had today I stumbled upon this help thread where user PGriffith gave an answer to a problem. In the code he posted, the last line of his code is


He uses the setIcon function on a label component. I dont see this function in the Ignition 7.9.9 documentation.
I was wondering if there is a source for API like this or at least where I can find an explanation.
At first I thought maybe it was a built in Java function that the Ignition label inherited, but I couldnt find that anywhere either.

I believe you’re looking for this. There are many interesting things you can do with that like what you mentioned. Just know it might change (especially with 8.0 coming next year), and its unsupported by IA.

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Thats exactly it. This is an incredible resource.

Thanks for your help.

Its pretty cool. Also remember that Ignition is built on Java Swing, so basically all components, windows etc are built on Java objects and those methods can be used as well.