Indirect tag path in script

Hi, I’m trying to write a script that references an indirect tag path but I’m not sure of the syntax. All my efforts thus far have failed.

I have the following Indirect Tag path:

with Root Container.AreaID, Root Container.EqID and Root Container.LoopID as {1}, {2} and {3}. What is the syntax to reference this in a script?


Do you mean an expression or a Python script?

In expression it is like this:tag({Root Container.AreaID}+"/"+{Root Container.EqID}+"/"+{Root Container.LoopID}+"/HMI_AutoPB")In a Python script it is done like this:root = event.source.parent path = "%s/%s/%s/HMI_AutoPB"% (root.AreaID,root.EqID,root.LoopID)Best,

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Great, the Python script works. Thanks.

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