Inductive Automation Forum Upgrade

Inductive Automation Forums are getting an upgrade! On Monday April 10th at 9am PDT we will be migrating to a new forum powered by Discourse. It adds many modern features including improved searching and support for mobile devices.

During the migration the forum website will be unavailable, the whole process should talk about an hour.

Your post history, bookmarks, and private messages should survive the transition. Your login username and password will also remain the same.

If you experience any issues after the upgrade (missing post history, unable to login, etc.) please email with your forum username and IA Account email address.


Yay! :thumb_right: :thumb_left:

Hi michael,

This sounds great.

Will all the old forum posts be moved over to the new forum? What about the status and stats of users? For example, I’m a General with 949 forum posts.

What will be lost?


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Posts and post history will be migrated over, along with bookmarks and private messages. The user ranking (‘Trust Levels’ in Discourse) are calculated a bit differently, but the principle is the same: A larger number of high-quality posts and a longer history on the forum result in a higher trust level.

You can read more about user trust levels and what they mean here:

A forum fix is needed - when I click a link from a notification email I am taken to the post unauthenticated and can read it. If I want to post a reply I get logged in but lose the post to which I was replying and am taken to the index instead.

The new interface looks pretty nice. I’m not a General any more, though. :cry:


I’m sure you and Nick Mudge will be upgraded quickly.


Sub categories as for example Ignition 7.7,7.8,7.9… was very usefull. Do yan plan to restore them ?

No plans to restore sub-categories. They sound useful in theory… but they’re really not. Even when people post in the correct category (which didn’t happen often). We’re trying to keep it simple here.


:cry: A way to search some post according to an ignition tag major release would be cool.

The forum mobile version is perfect! Hope it will be the same for Ignition 8 :wink:

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Is there a way to change the default theme for the forum? For me, it’s hard to follow / read largely unbroken black text on a white background.

Old images seem to be hit and miss. Mostly miss. :expressionless:
Also can’t edit old posts. Would be nice go go back and fix pics and links.

Is there a way to change the default theme for the forum? For me, it’s hard to follow / read largely unbroken black text on a white background.

Discourse does not currently provide user-configurable themes in-app (in the works!). I agree that this is a bit of a bummer. Not sure what’s on the roadmap for the forum, but polish/improvements will be ongoing and we’ll definitely update when such functionality is available.

I have tested some extensions such as the Dark Theme Everywhere, and Color Change plugins for chrome, and they work reasonably well, but obviously not the ideal solution.

I’m running a task to rebake all the forum posts, which should fix old links/images/emojis. You can’t edit your old posts at all? Or just the images/attachments?

I’ve noticed while bopping around to old posts based on suggestions from the new system that some fractional quotes aren’t being rendered. The old system allowed highlighting and quoting just part of a comment instead of the whole thing, which I found especially handy when asked multiple questions. The old markdown shows instead of a quote block.

The userstyle on this page is working great for me in Tampermonkey/Chrome; you’ll just have to update the URLs it applies to.

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Just earlier posts. Januay 2017 and earlier, just picking at random, are not editable.

Under the forum FAQ there is a broken link for “site feedback category.”

Also I don’t know about others but I would prefer a thumbs up rather than a heart for liking posts.


Did everyone’s bookmarked posts successfully import? (click your avatar in the upper right, then the bookmark-looking icon with no label).

I apparently had two bookmarked posts that came along with the transition. But I didn’t use the feature, so I’m wondering if it worked correctly for all of you guys…