Inductive Automation Forum Upgrade

Discourse does support themes now. Any chance IA could add a dark mode to this forum which I could enable from my user preferences?

Please NO! Then people will start posting dark screen shots and other items only compatible with dark mode. Which is evil, because it is bad for your eyes. Especially bad for OLD eyes, like mine. :frowning_face:

More info:

I'm actually asking about for the forum, not for Designer -- does anyone ever post screenshots of this forum?

Of course I wouldn't mind it being added to Designer too, but that's actual serious development work compared to the forum it's already there, just needs to be enabled by Inductive Automation and maybe a few colors tweaked to their liking.

Personally I like dark mode because it reduces energy usage on OLED screens. And I think it looks cool :slight_smile: But I can totally understand it being frustrating to people for whom they can't see it. Similar to all the stuff developed with no awareness for colorblindness.

Generally not, but they post screenshots IN the forum, which look bad if the screen that was shotted was dark. So, people arrange for their own computer to be in light mode before capturing something they will post here. Which is really good for everyone who isn't young, with great eyesight.

Just say no to dark mode. Always and everywhere for everyone. And if you work in dark rooms, fix the room.

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I guess we have to agree to disagree. I like dark mode, and I personally don't mind white screenshots on a black background. In fact every now and then it is nice because it makes a screenshot of text very obvious compared to actual text.

Your profile photo suggests you are much younger than I. You will eventually change your mind.

Oh cool -- I just noticed the docs already have a dark mode toggle.

I read somewhere that dark mode is good for the screens as a constant brightness on pixels reduces the life of the screen! That may have been true for CRT based monitors I don't know its effect on modern LED/LCD screens! But of course I find reading on bright background much easier and less straneous to eyes than on dark background! I am much older of course!

A few years ago. I had spent half the the day wiring up a new machine to a remote IO rack with two apprentices looking over my shoulder. I had just started the machine up, and I was in the process of debugging my PLC program using a laptop. All of sudden, the text on the screen just went blurry. Fortunately, I had written the program in its entirety, so my familiarity with the code allowed me to debug it with out having to display weakness in front of the trainees. The problem was intermittent, and the eye doctor later told me that I had likely always been a little far sighted, and I had reached the age when it starts becoming difficult for the eyes to overcome such things. The solution was to start wearing contacts or buy some over the counter reading glasses.

I've never been a fan of dark mode during the work day. I find that I perform better in well lit environments, and I suspect it's related to light's role in regulating circadian rhythm. I only use dark mode at night when I'm trying to wind down and get tired. To that end, it would be nice to have.

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Like this:

i need to wind down and fall sleep, lets read the igntion docs :yawning_face: :

Or like this:


Yup, that comic definitely resonates with me.

Since we're sharing comics, all this talk of old verses young made me remember this one:


For night time, I'm a big fan of using something like f.lux to automatically turn the screen a nice amber color that's easier on the eyes. If needed, I'll turn the monitor brightness down as well or have a desk lamp.


You might be happy to know that you at least influenced my decision to stop using dark mode :muscle: