Install Vision Client Launcher for Linux - SOLVED


How do I install a vision client launcher for linux?

I downloaded the vision client launcher for linux and extracted the file but when I try to execute ./configure to install it, I get the error command not found?

I checked the documentation but I think it only showed the installation for windows.

Move the folder into ~/.local/share/applications
it will be in your applications menu when finished.
If you just want to run it cd to the launcher folder/app
and run ./

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If you’re on Ubuntu, easiest way is to place the designerlauncher folder under ~/.local/share/applications/… “Designer Launcher” will then show up in the search…

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Ewww! No!

That folder is for .desktop files that point at your applications.

Thank you!

I know that it works this way, but you may want to here what @pturmel has to say about using this location. I always defer to him about coding. I use it because it is simple but it may not be proper.

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