iOS keyboard not opening in Perspective app

For some reason, when I try to enter a setpoint into an input box on one of our Perspective views on iPad or iPhone the keyboard does not popup so I can't enter a value. It is almost like the iOS doesn't know it is an input box. My workaround right now is to type the setpoint I want in NOTES and then copy and paste it into the input box. Not ideal. Has anyone seen this before? I did not create our Perspective project so I don't know the properties of the box.

I have the same issue, Text input opens the keyboard but not a numeric input box. Same problem exists in safari on the iphone too, not just the app. Works ok in the android app.

I searched when I noticed the issue a couple weeks ago and found it seems to be a bug yet to be fixed.

Short term solution is to add a spinner.

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the numeric input box was not set to accept input (if that makes sense). Once that was changed we were good to go. The spinner worked as well but only changed the whole numbers and the arrows were too small.