Is there a way to download a file from the Ignition Server via Project?

So I have a need to distribute a file to all the Ignition Clients in a given location. I plan to have them click a button then the file download.
Is there a way to accomplish this? I have looked at system.file.saveFile, but not sure how to tell it what file to send.
The file is located on a Shared folder on the Ignition server if it makes a difference.


EDIT: I am guessing I need WebDev??

If you place a file in \webserver\webapps\main (in the Ignition installation directory) it will be accessible at localhost:8088/main/filename.txt, eg:



Hmmm This did not work for me… I got this error:

Problem accessing /main/jre-8u151-windows-i586.exe. Reason:

Not Found

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Not sure why. I actually ended up putting the files I need on a seperate directory, then running a small webserver called Mongoose --> and calling the files from that “webserver” . Probably not the best solution but got accomplished what I needed.