Is there a way to use one Power Chart to show all the same UDT tags?

Is there a way to use one POWERChart

Show all the same UDTtags,like:V1,V2,V3........
in perspective?

one button to transfer the index,like 1,2,3 to display the different history tag in the power chart

This is really not clear, can you try being more descriptive about what you're trying to do ?

I'm not sure if this is what @chen_zhe means, but I'll reframe the way I've had what I think is the same question:

Let's say I have dozens up to thousands of instances of a UDT, each with possibly multiple levels of hierarchy in the UDT tag structure. It is then extremely cumbersome for a user to quickly pick out a tag and chart/compare values for that tag across a subset or all instances of the UDT. Instead, the user might have to spend significant time digging through folder structures to select tags.

I haven't implemented this answer yet, but my current plan was to try using the Tag Browse Tree component instead of the PowerChart's built-in tag browser. Then I am hoping to use filtereBrowseNode and a simple text box to allow a user to input strings or possibly regex to filter results into Tag Browse Tree. Perspective - Tag Browse Tree Scripting - Ignition User Manual 8.1 - Ignition Documentation

This is what I started a while back. It makes it super easy to find and multi select lots of tags and add to the power chart at once.

To me, a tree component just makes it hard to select lots of tags within different folders

Thinkijg about it now, maybe it would be useful to have both options, as sometimes it might be helpful to use the tree as well

just like this C/S

and the B/S I have alriday finished like this

IF I have 100 ai ,I just need one chart table.

thanks alot,i have alriday finished ,and i show it below

what i finished is the function you want ? below,i think it is very easy