Issue in DateTimePicker's 'select_time_only_not_date'

I found a strange issue in PerspectiveComponents\Common\DateTimePicker's 'select_time_only_not_date' method.
When modifying the seconds, the target is aiming at the previous_minute_chevron rather than the previous_second_chevron, but it looks like there isn't a previous_second_chevron to use here anyway. Should one be defined here?

You're right in that it's pointing to the wrong chevron/arrow (minutes instead of seconds). We'll need to update it to correctly point to the seconds chevron. There's a second wrinkle of complexity though because the existence check is going to throw a TimeoutException in the event a user supplies seconds as part of their PerspectiveDate object but the DateTime Picker (or Input) is not formatted to include seconds...

        seconds = date.seconds
        if seconds is not None:  # if the Perspective date has seconds
            # The following line will throw a TimeoutException if the DTP/DTI is not 
            # formatted to display seconds
            current_seconds = int(self.get_seconds())
            if self._seconds_input.find().is_enabled():

I'll work to get a fix in place soon.