Java Web Start - Associate with JNLP files

Hello Everyone,
I am running Ignition in the Cloud, and I have many remote users who connect to many different projects.
I am having problems with the javaws.exe file not being associated to automatically open .JNLP files. When I get in and do this manually, it always seems to work fine, but it’s just not feasible for me to do that on even 20% of client PCs.

Has anyone written a bat file or script that will tell windows to associate .jnlp files with javaws.exe?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help,

Consider automating the use of the native client launcher instead. .jnlp files aren’t being associated because they’re deprecated (by Java), and won’t work at all soon.

Thanks Phil. I had seen that suggested in several other posts, most notably here.

My biggest problem is that I need to launch the correct user to their relevant project.
Also, I don’t want people to access the NCL gui.

Is it possible to launch it via command line in order to go straight to a specific project?

There wasn’t any additional information about the shortcuts @JordanCClark mentioned in his posts.
Yes, it absolutely is - you can add a specific gateway, project, and even set client tag values from the CLI of the NCL.

The NCL gui includes checkboxes to make shortcuts for you, too. Just take away the link to the generic launcher after you have the shortcut you want. Or make a batch file that’ll download the launcher and construct the shortcut exactly the way you want.

OK. Thanks for the pointers on the NCL. I’m working that angle, but I’m still curious if anyone has any elegant solutions for the JNLP issues. Also, what is IA’s official stance on the JNLP / Java WebStart being deprecated?

See here