Label Column showing NCLOB data in Alarm Journal Table

Hi All,

I have the alarms set as the following:
Inside the DisplayPath there is the alarm string such as “Alm036-Motor Fault” ( the string is generated by an expression ) and inside the Label, there is the Factory such as “Department206” ( this string is static )
I use the DisplayPath for the alarm string because it can be filtered inside the Alarm Journal Table ( Search String property ) so there is no option to swap DisplayPath and Label.
The issue I have is that the Alarm Journal Table displays oracle.sql.NCLOB@2d9ee3cb inside the Label column instead of “Department206”.

The two tables reserved for the alarms ( Alarms_events and Alarms_event_data ) have been created from Ignition automatically.
I think this happens only with Oracle since I have multiple Ignition installations ( in other countries ) with the same configuration but with SQL Server and there is no issue.
I checked the column’s datatype of the “strvalue” column in Alarms_event_data ( this is where the Label is stored ) and is NCLOB (overkill?) maybe the Alarm Journal Table is not interpreting this datatype correctly? ( I saw on google is not a friendly datatype ).
In Gateway - Config - Allarming - Journal, my Journal is configurated as the following:
Stored Event Data
Static Config - True
Dynamic Config - True
Static Associated Data - True
Dynamic Associated Data - True

Any help will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Igntion 8.0.16

I have this issue as well, what is the solution to it?

The solution is to use the Display Path property instead of the Label Property.