Launch Client without Clent Launcher

I want o be able to launch a client in Version 8 without the Vision Client Launcher insalled on people’s computers since many of our organization does not have adminitration rights. The old way in which V7.9 that relied on the .jnlp worked for us since Java was part of people’s computers and could be updated at anytime. What is the work around since this is a real issue for us looking to use V8.0.

Java Webstart (the .jnlp technology) and applet support are deprecated in Java9, and gone entirely in Java11. The new client launcher wraps the necessary java version so java need not be installed on the client.

Thanks. Our computers are not allowing this client launcher to be installed. Is there any work around?

I’m looking into it right now. I think you can generate a shortcut for the project using the launcher, and then distribute that to workstations… I’m verifying.

The new client launcher doesn’t need to be installed, just run. Can you show what you are encountering?

Even running the Vision Client Launcher requires Admin access to provide permissions for the JRE.

My solution works for Mac users, but only because the shortcuts are a self-contained .app which contains all of the necessary files. My solution will not work for Windows users as the required .exe file is not present.

What should people do in large organizations which many people don’t have admin rights to their PC’s . This seems to be an issue in today’s IT world. I am trying to get to a computer that showcases this error

We had a similar issue with a different program. May not work for everyone, but we had Software Center in windows push the application. It allowed for a Domain administrator(may not be the correct term) account to authorize the installation. Not sure on the specifics on how to configure since our IT department handled it at the time.

Hopefully a more direct solution can be found though.

In situations like that, the IT department should be able to either push or distribute applications (the Vision Client Launcher) to users. Once installed, it shouldn’t require admin privileges to run.

Ok thanks - I really was hoping that there would be a better way to handle this since the old way was far easier and didn’t require IT involvement. This is a real downside to version 8.0 in my mind.

The “old” way would still have required IT to install Java (and grant the required permissions), wouldn’t it have? This shouldn’t be any different, in that it requires the up-front permission grant, then you shouldn’t need it again.

It’s unfortunate that it does require a new permission grant, but due to unavoidable changes in what Java supports and how we can distribute Java, our hands are tied in how we provide the JRE to users.

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Java was permitted to be installed and updated without IT involvement just like other Microsoft’s specific updates and such.

This .exe is new and is considered a program that requires admin rights which is different then before.

This is why people and organizations are moving towards HTML5 applications that are truely thin client and such since they don’t want to have to deal with this. Perspective should be different since this is truely HTML5 I suppose but for all the other people that have Vision projects this might be a real sticking point.

I agree its a pro for HTML5 applications, but I don’t know if its the primary reason. Some things just would work better in a local application vs a web platform. There are still ways to distribute applications without needing admin rights, the issue is just bridging that gap from the manufacturing or operations group with the IT groups. It isn’t always easy to do, but its a struggle that I used to have to deal with often.

Also I’m guessing Java was pre-installed with the system image for your company. Once its authorized, updates don’t typically need admin permissions, but the original installation should have.

The biggest issue we have and other companies similar to ours is that people will have to call into there central IT support line to grant access for this admin right to the .exe which is a real pain for everyone involved whereas you mentioned Java was part of the image of people’s computers and was granted rights for updating without IT involvement.

I’m pretty sure I worked at a similar sized company or larger based on what you describe. I wouldn’t work towards local admin for each install unless you urgently need something setup, I would see if there is a way for them to distribute to a site/usergroup or through something like the Microsoft Software Center instead. Then it can be installed without the local account for someone to manually install.

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Thsi is an error that user gets. Is this to do with admin rights on the Vision Launcher?

I wouldn’t expect permissions to have anything to do with the file not being found. Could you walk me through how you encountered the error in your screenshot? I would expect something along those lines if you install the launcher in one location, but then move the launcher to a different location without also moving the accompanying files.

Looks like we might of just figured out the issue on our end. In our Microsoft Diwnload Cneter we had two vresions of Java that we are allowed to install on our computers and for whatever reason the latest version gave us error but when we installed the slightly older version everything worked and can now run the vision launcher on I think everyone’s computers without issue. Whey!!

A couple points of clarification for things that seem to have been mistaken in this thread:

  1. Running the Ignition 8 Vision Client or Designer Launchers does not require admin privileges as long as the application is installed in a location that isn’t Admin only. This is why the default location is %APPDATA% instead of something like Program Files. If %APPDATA% is locked down, finding a more suitable location to install the Launcher would be a prudent thing to do. If there are only certain .exe files that are whitelisted on a given system, then some changes will be required to the security policy to whitelist the new Launcher executables.

  2. The Ignition 8 Launchers come packaged with their own version of Java. This means that Java itself is not a required install prior to using any of the Ignition 8 applications (Gateway or Launchers).
    We have built in a way that will allow users to override the version of Java that is used for an individual Gateway, but the goal is to get away from users managing their own versions of Java and avoiding the risks of having to maintain code for legacy versions of Java in the new quick release Java world.

  3. Java 11 is the version that is being used with Ignition 8 and, as was mentioned earlier, JNLPs are no longer an option for loading Vision Clients or the Designer. 7.9 continues to have this option because it supports versions of Java that can launch JNLP files. The client launchers have been available for a while in 7.9 and we have made improvements for the 8.0 versions based on feedback we have received. Further feedback on what can be better or make your life easier is appreciated. Based on what I am seeing here, an msi installer might be a something that we should look at so managed computers can have these applications pushed.