Leased Tag Slow Rate Switching

Hello Everyone,

On my gateway, I have noticed that leased tags take an excessive amount time to switch from their slow mode to fast mode once they are needed initially (10-60s). I am using a slow rate of 30,000 ms and a fast rate of 1,000 ms. The test that I am doing is as follows: open a popup window that contains a tag binding for a leased tag, toggle the state of the tag in the PLC and observe how long it takes to update. Once it updates, I toggle the state again to see if it is starting to update with the fast rate or it just happened to update at the slow rate. This corresponds to when the subscriptions change on the device monitoring screen. The switchover typically occurs anywhere between 10-60 seconds after the popup window is opened. This is way too slow and significantly detracts from what I thought was the advantage of using a leased tag group. Is it typically this slow for everyone else? Is it an unfair expectation to get an up to date value within the fast poll rate from switching from the slow one?

What I have tried so far:

  1. Creating a separate device connection for leased tags (I think this solved a different issue but doesn’t help here)
  2. Creating another separate device connection for a much smaller subset of leased tags
  3. Creating a smaller tag group with a single tag in it
  4. Calling the system.tag.requestGroupExecution function to attempt to trigger it to switch
  5. Updating to Ignition 8.1.5 (from 8.1.1)

Does anyone have any solutions or suggestions?
Unfortunately, I have too many tags to move them all to poll at the fast rate. If nothing else, I can modify all of my popups to do their own polled OPC reads instead of using tags. But this just doesn’t seem like an ideal solution…


I solved it by changing the OPC mode on the tag group from Subscribed to Polled.