Linux based Vision client and HMIs?

What are folks generally using for Linux based HMI's as Vision clients?

I see several threads discussing it...

Also specifically.....

We are heavy users for Windows RDS which generally works, most of the time outside the Microsoft'ism and general testing that they leave to their customers to perform....

While I generally dislike running Linux based desktops for specifically the reasons that Kevin had listed in the second post Wayland (future) x11 (legacy) and the current state of broken/fragmented/everyone has a different desktop (GNOME, Xfce, LXDE, Mate, Cinnamon, etc..)... It's a grenade I might be willing to jump on if I can happily push Window/RDS into the dumpster.

Some of the possible scaling issues could concern me depending on the monitor or display in question.

We do also have Rockwell Automation ThinManager which starting in 12.1 also has support containers on thin clients in addition to previously supported containers on servers (in this case Windows) starting in 12.0.

Both of these options also seem desirable from the sense I might not be getting away from Windows but I could potentially drop RDS in some cases. They provide you with 4 different types of containers out of the box (chrome/firefox/citrix with chrome/citrix with firefox) so something using the Vision client would need to be built/tested.

Whats everyone else doing? What works great or what sucks?


For what its worth, Vision in Linux on a standard DPI display works great, and Wayland DEs definitely performed better than x11 for me.
Most of the issues in my post had to do with changing monitor DPIs between my laptop and 4K displays, which I wouldn't assume would be an issue with a dedicated workstation setup with uniform displays.

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Thanks Mitchel for confirming!

We generally have pretty predictable deployment for "dashboards" depending on where they are at. Very basic, usually Dell monitor. Nothing too fancy and I'd figure Wayland would be well behaved enough for that. Other spaces might have a much larger TV or display.

Looks like I just need to test!

I have not had any issues with my setup. I ended up putting together a "distro" in VM that I liked that had a stripped-down guest and then an admin. After I got it to work how I liked I then copied it to a USB drive by using a bootable copy of g parted. I can copy this standard install over then change the host name and IP to be ready to deploy in a few minutes. Not perfect, but repeatable and easy.