Linux Vision Clients Auto login and security

Vision w/Ignition8.1.17
I am using cheap x64 pc’s with Linux mint mate and I am having issues figuring out the auto login. If I set the auto login to enable in the project the client will launch fine and I can get it to load the proper window with a client script using host or IP.
I can’t figure out how to make the non “guest” clients have to login without an error. Do I have to set this up on a welcome page? I would think that I could do this without letting them “in the door” before they have to authenticate.

OS login and Vision client login are two totally independent operations. It sounds like you are mixed up about which is which. Your Vision client can use to change the logged-user for Vision (starting from your own custom login window), but you won’t be changing the OS user. This isn’t any different from Windows.

For kiosk duty, you should create a custom Xsession and login .desktop file for SDDM to use, configured to auto-login and re-login an unprivileged OS user upon system startup. That custom Xsession would invoke the Vision Client Launcher with a full-screen project instead of starting the usual desktop.

I might not have tried the switch user. I was trying not to use a custom login window because I thought I read that it wasn’t preferred/supported?
So I would auto login to an unrestricted window, use a client start up script to send my clients to their displays and then switchUser everyone else for verification?

Yes. Note that all of the Vision operations are the same whether Windows or Linux.

Thanks, I will give this a try. oh, and I tried the custom Xsession and failed. I did learn a ton about Linux over the last few days though. I will give it another try later, but for now I have something that will work without me baby sitting them all day. I want close to unbreakable though because they will get messed with.

If you get the custom Xsession working, and it launches the full-screen vision client directly, if the user does manage to exit entirely, it will simply take them back to the OS login screen. Which can then auto-login again. As close to unbreakable as can be.

@pturmel what is your preferred Linux OS for this sort of stuff?

Xubuntu for kiosks. Kubuntu for proper workstations. Raspian for RPis.

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