Losing Perspective Page URL Configuration

I randomly lose the perspective page url link configuration once every 1-2 months. It just goes blank and every link is broken. I have to restore from a project backup. Has anyone else faced this issue? Any idea what could cause it or how to fix it?

Hello Erika,

When you say "it just goes blank" are you referring to the address bar on your browser? If so, could you please post a screenshot?

Yes, this has happened to me also on a couple of occasions, and on different gateways (including one on the latest update).

The entire page configuration would just randomly gets wiped with no explanation or even any anomalies in the logs. I now check before every save I do. Not that it happens too often, we're talking a 1/1000 chance occurrence.

What we do now is export from the designer a zip containing just the page config, so if it does accidentally get saved with that bug and they lose all their screens, we can re-import that zip and restore the page config on the fly. See attached image.