Menu Tree Icon Size

Hello everyone,

Just asking if there is a way to change Menu Tree icon sizes?

Thanks in advance.

Reading through the documentation, there is no property that allows you to change the size of the icon, although you could import your own custom icons.

Here is the documentation that shows the available properties of a menu tree nav icon.

Here is another forum that discusses the same issue, although it is quite an old forum.

If you use your browser's developer tools (F12) and select the icon you'll find that it's an SVG with the properties
viewBox = "0 0 24 24"
I don't have any suggestions for changing that.

You could add a style on the icon and add zoom: 1.x.

1 is normal. I tried 1.5 and it made it bigger, although not sure if it looks good.

I'm sure there is a better way.

Edit, you can also add width and height props to the style for each icon and that works as well. I read that font-size would work, however, it didn't work for me.

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With width and height parameter your able to easily change the size of the icon.

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