Migration from iHistorian/Proficy Historian

Has anybody migrated from iHistorian/Proficy Historian to the SQLTags Historian?

I haven’t heard of anyone migrating from that system to SQLTags History. After taking a brief look at how iHistorian can export files, it seems it might be theoretically possible.

iHistorian can apparently export to excel, which could be converted to CSV. That CSV file could potentially be modified to work with our SQLTags system.

Again I have no idea how much work would be involved in getting this to work, or if it will work at all. Just my two cents. Cheers!

Just from the viewpoint of a system integrator we have customers who are locked into their current vendor because they have a backlog of stored historical data. Until they can get that data into a new system they can’t even think about making the jump.

Build us some import tools for the big vendors (Proficy Historian, OSI Pi, Wonderware) and it’ll make it much easier to sell Ignition.

Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll be sure to bring it up in our next meeting! Take care.

What about simply being able to access the data from Ignition? Would that be sufficient? This is likely the first step, importing may be possible after. We’ve had many many requests to add OPC-HDA support, and intend to do so soon, though I can’t give you a specific timeline.


Any chance there is an update on this? The ability to connect to a Proficy Historian would increase our number of Ignition Projects as well.

I think the OPC-COM module now adds a historical provider type that can pull from OPC-HDA servers.

What is the process to migrate Proficy Historian 4.5 into Ignition? We are running Ignition v8

I am in need of the same thing. Anyone have an easy way to migrate the data? My Proficy Historian would be v7.x